Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Final update of 2011

Two more pages about municipalities in the Achterhoek region of the Gelderland province were added; a fairly big one about Berkelland and a very modest one about Bronckhorst. The first is accompanied by a page about the St. Caecilia in Rietmolen (picture), a church designed by architect C.A. Hardeman. More pages about specific churches in the Achterhoek are about to follow later, but first I'll aim my attention at some other part of the country.

And so another year comes to an end. A year in which all the province's sections were moved, the old weblog was left for a new one and a start was made to a more bilingual website.

This year's score in numbers: 5 new pages about architects, 17 about towns and municipalities and 31 about specific churches. A total of 53 new pages. Add to that the many older pages which were improved with new pictures or expanded with churches and/or locations, not to forget the 53 pages that now have Dutch text as well as English. I think I can be proud. See you next year!

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