Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Architect added

The long promised page about arcitect J.W. Boerbooms is here. Considering that the good man only lived to become 49 years old and arrived at the scene of religious architecture relatively late in his career, the list of his churches and chapels is short but probably complete. Surely his biography can still be expanded but for now, this is it. 

Coming with this page is one about one of Boerboom's churches, the St. Willibrordus in Vilsteren (Ov).

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Back to Utrecht

It's back to the province of Utrecht with an updated page about the Cunerakerk in Rhenen, with many more new pictures. Completely new is a page about Wijk bij Duurstede municipality, small but quite complete I think.

In het Nederlands: er is een nieuwe pagina over de gemeente Wijk bij Duurstede.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Noord-Brabant updates

Today there's a huge update to the page about Meierijstad municipality which had 14 objects added to it as well as a few pictures replaced. In the process the page about P.J.H.Cuypers' St. Lambertus in Veghel had an overhaul as well, with a few recent pictures. Such as the one above. 

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Some more Gelderland updates

It seems I haven't mentioned the new page about Neder-Betuwe municipality yet, although I put it online perhaps two weeks ago. But never mind, now I can take the opportunity to also present to you the pages about two of the churches in that municipality, the reformed churches of Dodewaard and Opheusden. There are also a few new pictures at the page about the church of Echteld. To stay in the same region: there are some major changes to two pages about churches in the Buren municipality, being the Lambertuskerk in the town of Buren (picture) itself, and the church with the same name in Kerk Avezaath.

NL: er is een nieuwe pagina over de oude kerken in de gemeente Neder-Betuwe

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Some municipal changes

Some updates before I forget about them. Mostly about 'newish' pages replacing older pages and largely containing the information of these older pages, but not without revisions and the odd picture change. 

  • In the Gelderland section a big new page about West Betuwe municipality replaces the older pages about the former municipalities of Geldermalsen, Neerijnen and Lingewaal. 
  • In Noord-Brabant the page Land van Cuijk is taking the place of the pages about the former municipalities Grave, Boxmeer and Sint Anthonis. The page about Uden is replaced by a new page about Maashorst municipality. 
  • In Zuid-Holland the page about Noordwijk is expanded with churches in villages that were part of Noordwijkerhout until 2019. No page replaced here, only new content added.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

More Gelderland updates

Some more Gelderland updates, and surely not the last for this year. The page about Druten municipality is now pretty much complete with five more objects added to it. The pages about three catholic churches in the municipality have been rewritten and had many pictures added to them or old ones replaced. These are the H.H. Ewalden in Druten (picture), the St. Victor en Gezellen in Afferden and the St. Johannes de Doper in Puiflijk.

The pages about two churches in the Overbetuwe municipality have been given a similar treatment. Take a look at the reformed churches of Andelst and Herveld

Then there are two new pages, one about Beuningen municipality and the other about the Neder-Betuwe municipality.

NL: En dat laatste nog even in het Nederlands: er zijn twee nieuwe tweetalige pagina's over de kerken in de gemeentes Beuningen en Neder-Betuwe. Ik noem hier ook nog even de nieuwe pagina over de gemeente Maasdriel die ik bij de vorige update alleen in het Engels had vermeld maar die uiteraard ook tweetalig is.

Friday, January 14, 2022

First updates of the year

A happy new year to all visitors to my website. On a personal level 2021 could have been a lot better, but I did have some nice opportunities to take pictures and improve older pages and create some new ones. I made 19 trips (mostly short ones) that took me to 75 towns and villages where I took pictures of 148 churches, chapels and towers, 55 of which were new in my collection and have been or will be added to various municipality pages.

Speaking of updates, in 2021 there were the two big thematic updates concerning the architects W. te Riele and A. Tepe respectively, which together came with eleven new pages and a few radically improved ones. Three new architects were also added to that section as well as two more specific churches. That's a total of sixteen new pages. Older pages were improved in the Gelderland and Limburg section mostly. 

Work on the page about another architect was only one of the many victims of this year's long interruption between February and October. I hope to tell you all about this J.W. Boerbooms and his churches soon. And perhaps I'll do another architect-related thematic update again. 

Now let's hope, once again, for a better year. Here for a start are the first updates:

New the Gelderland section is a page about the municipality Maasdriel. In the Utrecht section the pages about the Vijfheerenlanden, Soest and Zeist municipalities are expanded, while the one about the St. Joseph church in Zeist (another W. te Riele update) has many new and improved pictures.