Friday, January 14, 2022

First updates of the year

A happy new year to all visitors to my website. On a personal level 2021 could have been a lot better, but I did have some nice opportunities to take pictures and improve older pages and create some new ones. I made 19 trips (mostly short ones) that took me to 75 towns and villages where I took pictures of 148 churches, chapels and towers, 55 of which were new in my collection and have been or will be added to various municipality pages.

Speaking of updates, in 2021 there were the two big thematic updates concerning the architects W. te Riele and A. Tepe respectively, which together came with eleven new pages and a few radically improved ones. Three new architects were also added to that section as well as two more specific churches. That's a total of sixteen new pages. Older pages were improved in the Gelderland and Limburg section mostly. 

Work on the page about another architect was only one of the many victims of this year's long interruption between February and October. I hope to tell you all about this J.W. Boerbooms and his churches soon. And perhaps I'll do another architect-related thematic update again. 

Now let's hope, once again, for a better year. Here for a start are the first updates:

New the Gelderland section is a page about the municipality Maasdriel. In the Utrecht section the pages about the Vijfheerenlanden, Soest and Zeist municipalities are expanded, while the one about the St. Joseph church in Zeist (another W. te Riele update) has many new and improved pictures.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Last update of the year: Gelderland

The very last update of this somewhat strange year concerns some pages in the Gelderland section, all with several new  pictures and much enhanced text. These are the Stefanus in Zoelen (picture) and the St. Maarten in Tiel, as well as the Gasthuiskapel and St. Maarten in Zaltbommel. The page about Zaltbommel municipality now shows a few more village churches.  

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Alfred Tepe part two

An update to the last update: the pages about three of Alfred Tepe's most important churches have new pictures and improved text. These are the St.Michaël in Schalkwijk (picture), the Onze Lieve Vrouwe ten Hemelopneming in Houten and the St. Nicolaas in Ijsselstein, all in the province of Utrecht.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Alfred Tepe updates

An update at last. Due to personal issues I have little time or attention for structural updates and this will probably last for a while. Still, my activities have not come to a stand still and new pages have been in the works, only taking longer to complete. Today five pages of churches designed by Alfred Tepe were added. In the Gelderland section these are the St. Pancratius in 's-Heerenberg, the St. Martinus in Baak and the H. Georgius in Bredevoort, in the Noord-Holland section the St. Antonius in Kortenhoef (picture) and in the Utrecht section the St. Willibrordus of Everdingen. That section also now has a much improved page about the St. Michaël in Schalkwijk.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Another architect

A new page has been added, about architect J.W.A. van Gils (1864-1919) and his ecclesiastical works. To accompany this page there's also a new page about his church St. Nicolaas en Gezellen in Delft.

Monday, October 25, 2021


Pages about two architects were added, each about a son of a major neo-Gothic architect and both mostly working in the province of Limburg. See the pages about J.H.J. Kayser jr. (1879-1963) and J.G.C. Franssen (1893-1968, architect of the church in the picture). And of course I intend to updated these later.

The list of works of N.J.H. van Groenendael has undergone some important changes, with some works deleted and others added, as well as a picture or two. Pictures and/or objects were also added to the pages about the Oomen brothers, W. van Aalst, W. te Riele, J.Th.J. Cuypers, J.H.H. van Groenendael and C.J.H. Franssen

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Back again with a Limburg update

It's been a long time ago since the last update. There have been changes but most of these were small ones. Today's update is a little bigger. First, the page about the city of Roermond now covers the municipality and contains churches in most of the villages around the city. The pages about the Munsterkerk and the Minderbroederskerk in Roermond itself have a few pictures added or replaced, as has the one about the St. Dionysius in Asselt.

Then there's a big update to the page about the Maasgouw municipality. Seven objects were added while several pictures were replaced. New pictures also at the pages about the St. Martinus in Linne and the St. Gertrudis in Maasbracht. Entirely new is the page about the St. Stephanus in Stevensweert.