Friday, December 21, 2018

Last update of the year

Now the end of the year is nearing, it's time for the last updates of 2018 and my traditional looking back on the year. 

To go back in time a little further than that: in August 2011 I began adding Dutch translations to the pages about cities, towns and municipalities, with the first ten pages published in September and at that time still about 140 more to go. I never expected it would take me seven years to complete this undertaking, but today I believe the job is done, with four pages about municipalities in Noord-Brabant. Goirle, Haaren, Oirschot and Oisterwijk are now bilingual and improved, with objects added on all pages except for Oirschot. The Haaren page replaces the old Helvoirt page. For this page I had to resort to using ancient pictures made with the old Mavica camera (all made in 2001), but some day these will be replaced.

Although back in 2011 I announced the architect's pages would be translated next, I hesitate to do so, as there are so many of them. Since most of the history and styles pages could use a big overhaul I'm considering translating those in the process. 

The statistics for 2018. This year I took 4602 pictures of 224 churches, 163 of which I visited for the first time, in 85 cities, towns and villages. Especially many in Gelderland and Noord-Holland, but also in Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, Overijssel and Friesland. The latter is a province I hadn't been to since 2008. Many of these churches are now on this website, but many others are still not. My backlog is not getting any smaller.

There were 23 messages on this weblog, not counting this one, to announce the updates. There were only 16 new pages; 6 locations, 9 churches, 1 architect. And of course, four older pages were translated, while ten pages about cities, towns and municipalities were expanded, including a few big updates. There were many changes to the architects pages, especially in the form of new pictures. And many smaller changes I can't remember.  

There were over 20,000 pageviews by 11,000 visitors from 126 different countries, most of whom use a PC. Many of these visit once or twice, but there also seem to be hundreds of regular visitors, for which I'm especially grateful.

Enough for the statistics, please come back in 2019!   

En na deze lap tekst in het Engels wil ik toch ook nog even in het Nederlands melden dat alle pagina's over steden, dorpen en gemeentes nu tweetalig zijn. Althans, dat geloof en hoop ik. In totaal nu 199 pagina's. De laatste pagina's betreffen de volgende gemeentes in Noord-Brabant: Goirle, Haaren (komt in plaats van Helvoirt), Oirschot en Oisterwijk. Volgend jaar hoop ik een begin te kunnen maken met het vertalen van een andere categorie pagina's. Graag tot volgend jaar!