Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Utrecht updates

The next few updates in the Utrecht section are here. First, there's the page about Utrecht city with eleven 'new' objects and some of its old pictures replaced by better ones. Then there are the pages about the municipalities De Ronde Venen and Stichtse Vecht with six and five objects added respectively. And not to forget, three pages about some churches in these municipalities have better pictures. Take a new look at the reformed church and the St. Johannes de Doper (picture) in Breukelen and the H. Hartkerk in Vinkeveen. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

Utrecht updates

Here are the first few in a series of updates in the Utrecht province section. The page about the city of Amersfoort is expanded to almost three times its previous size, with no less than 21 objects added where there were only 11 before. Also, the pages about two catholic churches in Utrecht city, the St. Willibrordus and the St. Aloysius, have some better pictures.

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Helemaal vergeten: er zijn weer wat pagina's tweetalig geworden. Aan de Zeeland-sectie is onlangs een geheel nieuwe pagina over de gemeente Vlissingen toegevoegd. In de sectie Noord-Brabant zijn de pagina's over de gemeentes Bergeijk, Bergen op Zoom, Bladel en Boxmeer vertaald.