Thursday, March 31, 2016

Page renewed: Breda, Ginneken (NB): St. Laurentiuskerk

Back in 2000, when I started Archimon, I used a Sony Mavica digital camera for all pictures. It needed 3.5" diskettes that each could contain just over 1 megabyte of data, which was about ten pictures. Utterly primitive compared to today's technology, but back then it made it possible for me to take thousands of pictures of hundreds of buildings in dozens of places and build hundreds of pages with them. Well, the scope of this website soon changed (back then I used to cover profane architecture too) and I took quite a few pages with particularly bad pictures down "for maintenance", some of which never to return, while the camera itself was replaced in February 2002 and many churches were revisited in the following years. It's a miracle some of these ancient pictures are still left on this website, let alone that there still is a whole page with them. Especially since I announced the replacement of the last page already in 2011. Obviously I was wrong. 

Actually there is still one such page left. See it here if you like. The pictures still hold up quite well, but there is a reason why not all four sides of the church are shown; the north side was just too shady for the Mavica to capture it well. Eventually this page will be renewed too.  

Today's subject is the page about the St. Laurentiuskerk in Breda. It had some particularly bad Mavica pictures, all made on a cloudy day, supplemented with some reasonable pictures made with my second camera, the Nikon Coolpix 995. These pictures must have saved this page. But none of these pictures are left. Since moving to Breda three years ago I've had plenty of opportunities to take new pictures. From all sides, at different times of day. My Photoshop editing on them is a bit awkward, but I still think they're an improvement. And they show the inside as well. Also the description of the church is improved a bit. Strangely, I just couldn't find much more information about this big church, a work of two major architects even.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Architects updated

The pages about architects W. te Riele and H.W. Valk have undergone some drastic editing, much like  the previous Kropholler overhaul. No new pictures, but much better biography and more complete lists of works.  

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Noord-Holland update

Gone are the pages about Bussum, Naarden and Muiden. Like the municipalities, these pages are now merged and have become the new page Gooise Meren. No new pictures, but text is improved.

De nieuwe pagina Gooise Meren vervangt de pagina's over Bussum, Naarden en Muiden.