Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2021 first update


Happy 2021! I'm sure 2020 was a strange and difficult year for everybody, including myself, but for me it was not without its merits. I only made two trips the whole year to take new pictures, visiting 21 towns and villages in two provinces and photographing 42 churches, 18 of which for the first time. On the plus side: I learned a couple of new Photoshop skills and had plenty of time to put them to good use, resulting in many improved pages, many of which I failed to mention in this blog. 

There were only 18 new pages, 15 of which are about specific churches. Archimon had a total of over 20.000 pageviews by some 7700 visitors from 107 countries. 

The first updates of 2021 are improved pages about the churches of Waalwijk, Noord-Brabant. Like the St. Jan as seen above, but also the reformed church and the Mariakerk. A nice colourful start of what hopefully will be a better year.