Monday, October 25, 2021


Pages about two architects were added, each about a son of a major neo-Gothic architect and both mostly working in the province of Limburg. See the pages about J.H.J. Kayser jr. (1879-1963) and J.G.C. Franssen (1893-1968, architect of the church in the picture). And of course I intend to updated these later.

The list of works of N.J.H. van Groenendael has undergone some important changes, with some works deleted and others added, as well as a picture or two. Pictures and/or objects were also added to the pages about the Oomen brothers, W. van Aalst, W. te Riele, J.Th.J. Cuypers, J.H.H. van Groenendael and C.J.H. Franssen

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